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Digital Imaging


Advantages of digital radiography

  • Superior Image Quality:  Digital radiography provides greater image detail and resolution than conventional x-rays.  Only digital radiography allows the adjustment of the image contrast after acquisition, allowing selective enhancement of different tissue densities (e.g., bone vs internal organs vs fat) without additional exposures.  
  • First Time Right:  Digital radiography standardizes the imaging technique meaning we produce a quality image the first time.
  • Less Stress on the Patient:  Digital radiography provides for immediate evaluation of the image, which translates into less re-positioning and reduced handling time for the patient.  Better image utilization and fewer exposures decreases the patient’s overall radiation dose.
  • Images are Stable over Time:  Digital radiography provides a stable image that does not deteriorate over time like conventional x-ray film, facilitating comparisons over time.



These two images give you a clear view of how advanced our new digital x-ray machine is. The image on the left is a view of the abdomen without using the digital x-ray, the image on the right is a digital image also of the abdomen!