Veterinary Services

In Home Veterinary Care

Would you and your pet prefer not to travel to the veterinarian? Well you’re in luck!

Let us take the hard work out of veterinary care and come to you. We generally travel within a 10 mile radius of PetMed Animal Health Center (Google Maps provides mileage information). For patients living farther away additional charges apply but we can travel within a 30 mile radius of Dubuque.

Not all pets appreciate the car ride and do better in their own environment. And not all clients find it easy to bring their furry family members to the practice. To provide the best care possible a veterinarian and technician will arrive at a scheduled time at your residence for in home veterinary care. Most exams, vaccines, and non-invasive services can be safely performed with your pet in your home. If advanced services are required such as x-rays, surgery, etc, we will help you schedule the next appointment.

We offer in-home veterinary services one day a week with advanced scheduling.

A limited pharmacy will be available for dispensing for in home care however the full pharmacy will be available during regular business hours at PetMed Animal Health Center and can be picked up there.

Please note that both your pet and our staff need a safe, clean, and indoor (air conditioned and heated) environment to work in. Appointments are set for 30 minutes and the patient should be readily available. Please make sure you know where your pet is before we arrive.

Call today to schedule your appointment: (563) 583-8387

House Call Q&A

When you book the appointment the $150 house call fee will be taken in advance. This is only refundable if canceled greater than 2 business days before appointment. Typically this is paid via credit card over the phone but stopping in with a check or cash is also acceptable.

The remainder of the services will be charged and payment taken at time of service. Credit card, check (with proper ID) and cash are all accepted forms of payment.

It can happen- we understand that. The house-call fee is non-refundable but we can reschedule the rest of the services for another time.

Our veterinarians and technicians use fear free techniques to help your pet feel comfortable. Sometimes a pet can be so scared that they just can’t be safely handled without sedation. If that is the case, your veterinary team will discuss injectable sedation if that is appropriate or rescheduling with oral sedation on board. Our goal is to keep you, your pet, and our team safe and provide as stress-free an experience as possible for all involved. So you, your pet, and our team have the best experience: If you think your pet would benefit from oral sedation before we arrive please call our office beforehand and we can work with you!

An owner or owners representative (over 18) must be present during the exam. If this isn’t possible, we will need to schedule a different appointment time.

For the best medicine for your pet all emergencies will be handled at PetMed Animal Health Center. Our address is: 2400 Gateway Drive, Dubuque, IA 52003
Ph: (563) 583-8387

While some pets are housed outdoors year around….our staff is definitely not. A heated or air conditioned garage is reasonable but working in 80+ humid weather, rain, sleet, snow, or below 55 degrees isn’t in our wheel-house. We schedule multiple in-home appointments per day and cannot change between appointments. We also don’t want to smell terrible for our next patients!