PetMed Animal Health Center

2400 Gateway Dive
Dubuque, IA 52003



At PetMed Animal Health Center, we are able to provide top quality care to your pet in times of unexpected illness minor to major. We are able to provide for all sorts of pets including exotic, small animal, and equine with illnesses ranging from an ear infection to a bone surgery. Whether your pet is limping, itching, licking, has lumps or bumps, or just seems off in any way, we always recommend scheduling your pet to be examined. During an exam with a doctor, we are checking eyes, ears, skin and teeth for abnormalities that may be concerning. On top of that, we are also checking the heart, lungs, and lymph nodes as well as palpate the abdomen. We also perform orthopedic, neurological and ophthamical exams to meet your pets needs based on symptoms. Depending on you pets condition, we may recommend further testing such as urinalysis, radiography, endoscopy, and more!

If you have any concerns with your pet, please call 563-583-8387 to schedule an appointment to have your pet examined by a doctor. If there are pressing concerns that are presented, we may ask that you bring your pet in right away or drop off.