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Losing a pet can be one of the greatest moments of panic we may face. They cannot simply tell whomever finds them where they belong. Fortunately, a microchip can do that for them! 

Microchipping your pet is a quick and simple procedure that makes for a safe and permanent way to identify them in case of the following scenarios:

  • Escaping a fenced in area
  • Getting lost in the turmoil of an emergency
  • Getting out of the house during a visit from guests, handyman, etc.
  • Running off while camping, hiking, etc.
  • Getting stolen

A microchip is very small (as pictured) and is inserted just under the skin between the shoulder blades. It can be done during a routine visit, but some prefer to have it done while their pet is sedated for other procedures such as a spay/neuter or dental. With a microchip, your pet is given its own unique ID code that will show when scanned at any veterinary clinic or animal shelter. Once scanned, the code is entered into a database that will allow your information to be retrieved to reunite you with your pet. 

The cost for microchipping is $55 which includes the chip itself, the insertion, and registration