Pet Hospice Care

When is it time?

“When is it time?” is one of the hardest and most frequent questions we get asked as veterinary professionals. Please know that you are not alone is asking or your decision. The answer to the question has many answers depending on the pet, the condition, and the family situation. There are some great hospice resources on our resource page if you need some help but aren’t ready to ask during an appointment or give us a call.

A quality of life scale can be found: Here

PetMed cares for you and our furry patients and we are here for you during this difficult decision making time. We do offer in-home euthanasia for the comfort of you and your pet.

More information can be found: Here. Please call us in Dubuque, IA to discuss further details regarding end of life care for your pet.


PetMed Animal Health Center works closely with S&S Cremation Services of Dubuque to ensure your pet’s remains are treated ethically and respectfully. S&S Cremation has several options for aftercare including if the family would like to be present during the cremation process, as well as urns available if you would like the ashes returned or have the ashes scattered on private property (not returned)

Please let our team or the team at S&S Cremation know if you have any questions about this process.