Veterinary Internal Medicine

Vet Care at its Best

Veterinary Internal medicine is where the “rubber meets the road” in veterinary medicine and we put all our skills and knowledge to use. Whether your pet recently ate something that is upsetting their tummy or has a complicated endocrine disease like diabetes the team at PetMed is here for you and your pet.

Our team maintains an extensive network of connections with specialists and colleagues across the county and we belong to several veterinary groups that regularly share ideas and discuss difficult cases. Rest assured your pet is in good hands at PetMed Animal Health Center.

If you are concerned about your pet we are too! Please call or use the online scheduler to book an appointment with us today in Dubuque, IA. If you and your pet are current clients/patients and you need some questions or concerns answered but may not need to have your pet examine – please request a Teleheath appointment and talk with the veterinarian from the comfort of your couch!